“The planet is experiencing multiple crises: war, economic crises, health crises, and of course, climate change which has now reached the level of climate crisis, with some even talking about climate collapse. We must educate the citizens, invest in infrastructure and protect first of all human life, the natural wealth of our country – the forests – and people’s properties”, pointed out the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Vassilis Kikilias.

Regarding the heat wave affecting the country – and in combination with the strong winds that have already started – the minister emphasized that these weather conditions are highly conducive to the occurrence of fires in most parts of the country, as the Forecast map also shows Fire Danger, with many areas even in orange (level 4).

“So I draw everyone’s attention, in these days when we have heat, meltemia and Beaufort and heat again, let us all do our best together in order to defend our country” said Mr. Kikilias to Mega, noting that everything has been done what is humanly possible regarding the alert level of the state machinery, however with these extreme weather events, nothing is enough.

“After the heat and the drought we have the meltemias which multiply the risk of fire. And as if that wasn’t enough, once the winds die down, we’ll have heat waves again from mid to late week. We are in the worst and most difficult climatic conditions that can exist for the occurrence of fires”, said the minister. As for the citizens, who are now very aware of the high risk of these days, Mr. Kikilias appealed not to carry out burning, barbecuing or tossing cigarettes in the open, as now this kind of “negligence” can cost human lives.

“If you remember, in 2014 as the Minister of Citizen Protection, I brought in the provision on how to deal with unconscious animal abusers. So I say now that the vast majority of citizens – and I’m glad about it – are active citizens, sensitive to ecological issues, love the environment, and want to protect their family, their children, their neighbors and our beautiful country . The few, however, who insist on not caring, and in fact, will pay what they have to,” underlined Mr. Kikilias and added that an order has been given to the competent Civil Protection service for a recommendation regarding the increase of the relevant fines.