Eleven new productions brings the third week of the rich program (July – August 2023) of the institution “All Greece is one culture” of the Ministry of Culture. This year’s artistic events focus on the major theme of climate change. Special theatrical performances, musical events, visual actions and performances, dance and performances for children and teenagers will have the opportunity to be enjoyed by the public in archaeological sites, monuments and museums in Larissa, Kastoria, Kozani, Tinos, Thessaloniki, Sparta, ‘Arta, Achaia, Delphi, Ancient Olympia and Corinth, from 17 to 23 July 2023. The events are offered free of charge by the Ministry of Culture.

Specifically, on July 17 and 18 the program begins with the theatrical performances “Nea Zoi”, directed by Antonis Antonopoulos at the Second Ancient Theater of Larissa, “2071”, directed by Manos Karatzogiannis, at the Tsiatsiapa Mansion in Kastoria and “Lignite Topos or What?” directed by Maria Vardaka, at the Archaeological Museum of Aianis, in Kozani. Also, the dance performance “Bodies float on land” by Michalis Kalkanis, Despina Sanida-Krezia and Despina Charitonidis will be presented at the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite in Tinos.

They continue on July 20 and 21with the theatrical performance “Caerus”, directed and performed by Giorgos Papapaulos, Eleni Dafni and Anastasia Stylianides, at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, and the dance performance “Eurotas”, choreographed by Katerina Skiadas, at the Archaeological Museum of Sparta.

This is followed by the musical theater performance “Perhaps we are brothers after all”, conceived, music and performed by Fenia Papadodima, at the Genesis of the Theotokos (Red Church) in Bourgareli ‘Artas and the musical event “Love in the years of climate”, in directed and written by Eva Papadakis, at the Ancient Theater of Aegiras in Achaia on July 22 and 23.

The third week ends on July 23 and 24 with the visual action and performance Oh, tranquility! Penetrating the very rock, A cicada’s voice by the cultural organization Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative (PCAI) at the former Pikioni Pavilion, now “p”, in Delphi, the musical theater performance Tsunami, directed by Elpidas Skoufalos, in the courtyard of the Archaeological Museum Olympia and the sculptural sound installation “Falling” by Coti K. and Dimitris Georgakopoulos at the Acrocorinth Castle in Corinth.

Information and reservations at the address digitalculture.gov.gr, nationalopera.gr.