A big step has been taken, but we must not put down our pencils, emphasized the president of the SYRIZA KO, Sokratis Famellos, referring to Saturday’s developments in the official opposition party.

He added that “until the congress we will have to work hard to say something more”, while he emphasized that “we need a new party and a new political proposal” which should come about through dialogue and not through monologues of the candidates.

Mr. Famellos acknowledged that summer is difficult for party processes and added that “we were unprepared. No one expected the resignation of Alexis Tsipras, nor the election result.”

Regarding the two proposals that existed in the party, he said that the golden ratio was found, while he noted that you cannot leave the party without political leadership.

Mr. Famellos acknowledged that “it seemed that we had a big problem as a party. We had an important leader, who I hope is not lost to politics and the Left. But he himself chose to make an incision and say that a great burden has been aimed at my face, I leave room for the new to be created.”

Mr. Famellos continued by saying: “Should we admit that there was a lack of confidence in SYRIZA? There was. This was created by a very well organized propaganda, there is a responsibility of all parties”.

When asked if the others are to blame, Mr. Famellos replied: “We are to blame.”

Changes to all instruments

Mr. Famellos continued: “Christos Spirtzis who resigned showed what we feel too. That the deficit is not Tsipras alone. But someone has to lead the party through the processes until the congress. I make it clear: SYRIZA’s organs will change at all levels, it is obvious that we have to go through self-purification. We will hold elections at all levels, it is clear. However, this course cannot be taken carelessly.”

When asked why he is not a candidate himself, he replied that “I am not thinking about being a candidate for the leadership of SYRIZA at the moment. I can also contribute from my position so that these 45 days are not wasted. At the moment there is dense parliamentary work that I cannot think about.’

“The trends didn’t help the result”

Referring to the trends within SYRIZA he said that “internal party democracy and its expression in us created so many voices that it limited the right of society to live better”.

Explaining, he added that “instead of speaking clearly to society we were dealing with our personal opinion. The trends the way they worked didn’t help the result.”

“We must find an average again, we will not limit democracy” he concluded.