The provision of technical support by the European Commission in the promotion of reforms in critical sectors of infrastructure and transport was the subject of the meeting held today by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras, with the general director of Structural Reform Support of the European Commission, Mario Navas .

After the meeting, Mr. Staikouras said: “We are strengthening the close cooperation with the Commission’s general Directorate of Structural Reforms, by adopting best practices that will upgrade the administrative capacity of our country to implement effective reforms in the production of public works, in modernization of the railway and the promotion of electrification”.

In particular, in the context of the meeting, the following issues were raised:

– The development of a strategic plan for the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling). Modeling technology can catalyze the production of sustainable projects by improving the procurement, construction and maintenance process of public works.

– Deepening cooperation with the European Railway Agency (ERA) in matters of organizational structure and personnel training, in the context of the overall effort to upgrade railway services.

– Provision of expertise in the field of electric mobility, in view of the drafting of the National Electric Mobility Plan, with the aim of further increasing the technology of electric vehicles in the Greek market.