ND-Case of rape: SYRIZA should not be robbed of human suffering


New Democracy turned against SYRIZA, stating that the main opposition party is trying to party the revelations about the rape cases and the existence of a pimping ring.

“Rape is rape by anyone. “By dividing rapists into rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, young and old, the only thing the ‘slogan’ succeeds in is relativizing the heinous act,” the ruling party said.

The announcement of New Democracy in detail

It is provocative and vulgar the effort of SYRIZA to partisanize the horror they cause in society, heinous crimes that are before the police authorities and justice.

Crimes that are coming to light at this time, which has created an environment in which women feel safer to go out and complain, when in the past their mouths were closed and all this remained in the dark. We do not forget that in the rape case at the Venezuelan embassy, ​​Mr. Tsipras himself asked for the case to be covered up and not to be made public.

The PK that voted for SYRIZA made the sentences more lenient.

The Penal Code passed by ND provided for the stricter penalties for rape and insult of sexual freedom and dignity.

The crime of gang rape now carries only life imprisonment and not temporary imprisonment of 10-15 years as provided by the SYRIZA PK.

Pimping against adult women was eliminated as a criminal act by the SYRIZA PK and returned with the changes in the Penal Code of the Government of ND and in fact to the detriment of all adults.

While with the new PK was added as an aggravating circumstance the rape of a minor that did not even exist in the previous PK, and with an exclusive sentence of life imprisonment, while the conditional dismissal for such crimes became much stricter.

Finally, with the new additions to the Code of Criminal Procedure, adult victims in rape cases testify in the presence of a psychologist.

It is the duty of the state to emphasize the consolidation through Education that consent is an essential element in any sexual act, to encourage rape victims to speak, to facilitate their access to justice and to ensure that the perpetrators are severely punished. And it does. Justice will judge and rule on each case.

Rape is rape by anyone. By dividing rapists into rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, young and old, the only thing the “slogan” succeeds in is relativizing the heinous act. The last thing the country needs to deal effectively with behaviors that lead to rape is hypocrisy, weightlifting and political exploitation.

Let SYRIZA stop shedding crocodile tears and try once again to plunder human pain.

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