Cameroon: Large club fire – Information on 16 dead

Cameroon: Large club fire – Information on 16 dead

A large fire broke out at night in a nightclub in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, resulting in the death of many people, said a rescuer and a police officer.

“We are afraid there are many dead,” state-run CRTV television said without elaborating.

At least 16 people were killed, according to a fire department spokesman who spoke to AFP by telephone. “When we got there there was panic, there was a huge fire and a lot of smoke. “We counted 16 dead and 5 injured, but some of the victims may have been transported (to hospitals) before our arrival,” he added.

The country’s authorities have not yet officially announced an account, nor the causes of the disaster.

Liv’s Night Club is located in the Bastos district, where there are luxury residences, embassies and diplomatic houses. The African Cup of Nations is being held in Cameroon.

A reporter who went to the scene said that there were some charred objects in the nightclub yard but the facade was not damaged, nor was it blackened by the smoke. “Everything happened very quickly, around 2 in the morning. “Most of the customers arrive around 3, there are many victims,” ​​said a police officer who was present at the scene when the fire broke out.

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