Accountability time for the management of bad weather – What Mitsotakis will say


The time to report and take responsibility for the chaos caused during the bad weather Elpis, despite the fact that meteorologists had warned of the severity of the phenomenon, is coming. After resignation of the managing director of Attiki Odos, Vassilis Chalkias, but also the admission of chaos by government officials, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to comment on the situation at the cabinet meeting convened at 11 in the morning.

Already, however, government arrows have been aimed at Attiki Odos, with the prime minister being the first to ask (and the company to accept) to pay 2,000 euros in compensation to every citizen who was trapped in his car on the highway. Later, in fact, the Minister of Transport K. Karamanlis announced setting up a commission of inquiry, while at the same time he demanded that the citizens who suffered on the TRAINOSE train routes be compensated with 1,000 euros.

Both the Minister of Civil Protection denied responsibilities in Attiki Odos with their statements Christos Stylianidis, saying that the plan did not work, as did the Minister of Civil Protection Takis Theodorikakos who said that the biggest problem in Attica was that Attiki Odos was closed, while the government representative had also blamed the company. However, even this morning, they remained trapped on Attiki Odos about five hundred vehicles.

In this climate, the Prime Minister is expected to take a public position on the issue of managing the consequences of bad weather.

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