SYRIZA: If Mitsotakis resigns, he will be left without a minister – Let them leave


“After two days of silver alert for Mr. Mitsotakis for the chaos created by his state staff, in the current cabinet the least that the citizens would expect is to stop hiding his responsibilities behind attacks on others, even the citizens, and to demand the resignations of ministers “, SYRIZA states in its announcement.

In particular, SYRIZA reports, the resignation of Mr. Economos “who even went so far as to deal with the meteorologists to justify the mess”. By Mr. Stylianidis, “the golden transfer made personally by Mr. Mitsotakis for civil protection, after the fiasco of the summer fires which managed to close all the central avenues of Athens from the first snow, leaving thousands drivers for hours at the mercy of bad weather “. By Mr. Karamanlis “architect of the chaos in Transport and the main person responsible for the suffering of tens of thousands of passengers in Electric, Suburban and trains”. Mr. Skrekas “who three days later has left entire areas of Attica without electricity and heating” and, finally, Messrs. Theodorikakou and Voridi “for the ‘perfect’ operation of the state mechanism”.

The official opposition comments that “because there are too many and he will be left without a cabinet, we suggest to the missing Mr. Mitsotakis to take them all together and leave an hour earlier, lest the country breathe.”

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