The SYRIZA presidential candidate met and talked with members and friends of the party and the local government on Friday evening, in Volos. Euclid Tsakalotos.

According to the party’s press release, the debate, prefaced by the Deputy Professor of the University of Thessaly, George Stampoulis and which was opened on behalf of NE by Dimitris Skaltsis, member of the secretariat of the Youth Council, focused on new technologies and their effects on work, society and the lives of the people themselves.

Mr. Tsakalotos began his presentation by saying that “realism and radicalism are necessary to overcome the limits of what is possible”. He then asked the question “do we want power?”, to which he replied: “Yes, we want it to help people and give them perspective. This does not mean that we say yes to everything and everyone, of course some will be unhappy. You have to address large audiences but with a clear brand and identity in order to be credible. You have to do the things that matter in life, for the Left to be hegemonic, the things that will have an impact on everyday life, from central politics to new technologies and local government.”

According to her information Koumoundourou, referring to the way the party should function, noted: “the party must have a democratic structure. Autonomy of political processing in regional bodies, member organizations. Autonomy of political production in the youth of the party. We need respect for the instruments and respect for their compositional work. We must fight together for a solid party that endures and inspires. We must regain confidence in the Left, and be proud of our identity to build a victorious Left for the here and now.”