By Ioanna Mandrou

He gave a lengthy testimony to the same the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court Georgia Adelini the head of the Spartan party Vasilis Stigaswho had publicly denounced illegal actions within his party, talking about “Don Corleone” and the Greek mafia.

The Stigas Testimony, which lasted for about 3 hours, took place in the wake of last night’s developments, when there was a reversal and the three expelled MPs returned, while Vasilios Stigas publicly retracted the alleged illegal acts within his parliamentary group and left heavy insinuations about party relations of the Spartans with the prisoner of the Golden Dawn Ilias Kasidiaris.

His testimony, although it took on a different meaning due to the developments in the Spartan party, was nevertheless long and will continue within the week. The same outgoing prosecutor repeated his initial complaints, but above all he tried to demonstrate that the relations between Spartans- Kasidiaris are moving in political contexts and that his party is not led by the inmate of the AXA.

In particular, in his statement he emphasized:

“I cannot say exactly what I submitted because the discussion will continue during the week. Yesterday we held a meeting with the parliamentary group, the three expelled MPs apologized for this indecency and the image they presented to the Parliament and to me, so they are in the parliamentary group, they continue as normal and there is also a statement of support from the entire parliamentary group that they support me as party president. Let me tell the prosecutor that I know. There are methods which refer in many ways to the Greek Mafia and Don Corleone as I have been told by various people. If there are criminal acts, it will be decided by the public prosecutor. And we talked about Kasidiaris. I had not made a statement that they were going to Domoko. Taking instructions from some others may have been. We will see but I never said that Mr. Kasidiaris was giving instructions from Domoko and I am not denying anything. We had no relationship with Mr. Kasidiaris, no telephone communication and nothing more. I support him for the Municipality of Athens”.

In the meantime, Mr. Stigas gave journalists a joint statement of his party’s deputies confirming the unity of the party “SPARTIATES. The statement states the following: “By signing this statement, members of the parliamentary group of the “Spartiates” party, being aware of our responsibility to our voters but also to the Greek people who are plagued by serious problems (catastrophic fires, unemployment, punctuality) we declare our willingness to unreservedly support the chairman of our parliamentary group and to confirm the unity of the party. Our stance has always been on the side of the institutions and the democratic state, in favor of Greek patriotism, nationalism and against any totalitarian foreign regime and ideology”.

Prosecutorial intervention

The Prosecutor of the Supreme Court had intervened after the public complaints of the head of the Spartans, who had spoken about the Greek mafia and behind-the-scenes practices of an illegal type in his party, with hints about the role of the Golden Dawn inmate Ilias Kasidiaris.

However, shortly before he himself crossed the threshold of the Supreme Court for testimony, there was a reversal, an agreement to return to the party of three expelled deputies, while the president of the Spartan party himself publicly retracted the allegations of illegal movements, “Don Corleone” and so on.

The developments of the last moment that changed the facts, at least for the time being, in the Spartans party, gave Stiga’s testimony before the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Georgia Adelini a different meaning.

However, information indicated that the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who intervened to investigate the allegations made by Vassilis Stiga, is said to be willing to attempt to conduct a substantial investigation and find out what she can, and especially about Stiga’s complaints about “Don Corleone” which many interpreted, that it refers to Ilias Kasidiaris.
Mrs. Adelini is estimated that due to the seriousness of the initial Stiga complaints she will try to “get” as much as she can during the investigation she is conducting, precisely because of its gravity and the great political interest the case has anyway.

However, Kasidiaris-Spartiaton relations are a gray environment which concerns the government more centrally, some are talking about possible legislative initiatives, while it is not excluded that if Kasidiaris’ invisible leadership in the Spartans proves to be criminal, administrative and other processes, given that the the law forbids those imprisoned for criminal organization to participate in electoral processes, but also to be invisible leaders in political formations.