In the context of the political initiative to prioritize road safety and as a continuation of the recent operational actions in this area, the Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Yiannis Economosy, presided over a series of political and physical leadership meetings in the past, on the subject of the new plan for the restructuring, intensification and modernization of policing in matters related to road safety.

At the meetings, the main axes of a plan of immediate holistic interventions in this direction:

Reinforcement of human resources, with the immediate return of 50 police officers to the Traffic (other returns will follow in the coming months) and by utilizing and strengthening the logistical surveillance infrastructure, initially on main roads and major road arteries of the Basin.

Formulation of proposals to the co-competent Ministries and Agencies, of a new framework of the K.O.K., with an emphasis on stricter penalties for specific offencessuch as:

  1. a. red traffic light
  2. b. STOP
  3. c. Mobile phone use
  4. d. LEA
  5. e. aggressive driving
  6. f. double parking

With regard to the relevant violations, the intention of the Ministry of Citizen Protection is to removal of both registration and driver’s license, to be escalating, depending on the seriousness of the offense and the potential recurrence of the offender, and to become multi-month, multi-year and finally definitive. In any case, special care will be taken so that the penalties related to the specific violations are applied without fail.

Update, redesign and improvement of the primary reaction and intervention in cases of emergency incidents on the roads and especially in Kifissoswith the aim of unloading and normalizing traffic as quickly as possible.

For this issue, a meeting was held with the Director of the Transport Engineering Laboratory of NTUA, Deputy Professor, Konstantinos Kepaptsoglou – with whom a teleconference was held on August 21st – and the Deputy Director of KE.ME.A. (Center for Security Studies), of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, Mr. Nikolaos Gerasimidis.

It was agreed to be done detailed recording and updating of protocolswhile adopting the best practices of other countries.

The goal is on the one hand investigation of immediate response modes (adequate parallel network, coordination) and on the other hand, the realization by the citizens that their safety, in emergency situations, presupposes sufficient working time on the part of the Authorities.

It is being planned possibility to inform the drivers on the mobile phone about traffic incidents occurring in their direction of travel.

The meetings will continue, with the respective working groups that were set up and will also be extended to the area of ​​accident prevention technologies and electronic recording of violations, so that road safety can be improved and violations can be drastically reduced.

The implementation horizon of the new plan starts from the beginning of the school term, in view of which it is planned to check the signage near the school units in order to determine if there are any deficiencies and to submit proposals to improve the road environment.

The meetings were attended by the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Kostas Katsafados, the General Secretary of Public Order, Mr. Manos Logothetis, the Chief of the Hellenic Armed Forces, Lt. Gen. Lazaros Mavropoulos, the Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Eleftherios Garilas, the Inspector General of Southern Greece, Lt. Gen. Nikolaos Spanoudakis, the Head of the Order Branch, Major General Georgios Michalopoulos, the Deputy GADA Major General, Vasilios Rokkos, the Director of the Attica Traffic Division, Brigadier General, Christos Papafilippou and the Director of the Traffic Division of Headquarters, Police Director, Evangelia Vamvakaki.