Koke: ‘Jail is open to those who do stupid things – I’m not Pablo Escobar’


His confession Sergio Koke that he was the leader of a drug-trafficking ring, with the aim of sending marijuana to several European countries, led to his six-year imprisonment.

His former player Mars granted statements to Canal + about what happened in his life after deciding to quit football, stating that prison is open to people who do stupid things, adding that if he could, he would change the choices he made after his career ended.

Being a football player, you are lucky to earn a lot of money. I was earning maybe a million euros a year. In the other job, you earn in two months what you can earn in a year in football. But risking your life”, he initially said and went on about the how did it arrive there:

I have contacts everywhere, it’s not something I chose, it’s something I found in my life. I’m not Pablo Escobar! When you hear “international trafficker” you think “What the hell did he do?” In France you can get killed very quickly for that, here you can get killed too, but I’m not afraid“, adding the data on his imprisonment and life there:

I don’t know how long, but I have a sentence until 2027. Prison is open for people who do stupid things. There were many French, even Marseilles. I saw a lot of OM jerseys in prison. If I could I would have changed (his post-career options), but that’s the way things are“, were his words Coke.

Source: Sport Fm

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