In the affected areas of Thessaly, in Karditsa, Palamas and the surrounding areas that have been flooded, the head of Freedom of Navigation, Zoe Konstantopoulou, was on Sunday, who, according to a related announcement, met and talked with affected flood victims in the accommodation facilities in Karditsa , but also with volunteers who help to cover every need.

He also met with firefighters at the Karditsa Fire Service and with firefighters from the Palamas Fire Service, which has been flooded and put out of action, with the firefighters using their vehicles as a rest area.

As noted, he requested official information from the Karditsa Police Department on the missing persons, human losses, animal losses, health risks and the supplies that have been taken. He talked in detail with the volunteers in Karditsa, who “set up and put into operation the shelters for the affected by themselves, without the slightest state support”, but also with the volunteers in Palamas, young children of the area who dedicated themselves to helping their fellow human beings.

They told her, as stated in the announcement, tragic stories of lack of information, endangering the lives of themselves, their families, and their fellow residents, situations that are not consistent with an organized state of welfare and protection, but refer to an installed everywhere “Let’s go wherever it goes” .

Zoe Konstantopoulou promised the victims, but also the volunteers and the firefighters, that she would bring their voice into the Parliament and that she would do everything to ensure that neither they nor anyone else would experience a similar experience of abandonment, risk of life, death and destruction.

Returning, he immediately submitted three topical questions to the Ministers of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection, Health and Infrastructure & Transport, about the disaster in Thessaly, asking for specific answers about the lack of information of citizens and the late and insufficient activation of Civil Protection, for the jeopardizing public health and for the embezzlement of funds intended for anti-flood projects, which have proven not to be done.

During her visit to Karditsa, Zoe Konstantopoulou made statements, expressing her “wholehearted” support for the victims as well as her “great indignation” at the conditions in which the residents of Thessaly find themselves.

“The government should immediately apologize because a short time ago it ordered that such a disaster will not happen again. And above all, that there will be flood protection infrastructure, which has never existed. Because he handed out hundreds of millions of euros that they don’t know where they went, but they certainly didn’t go to proper anti-flood projects. Because even today it is essentially hiding and will hide, as I understand it, also behind announcements that people have heard once again”, noted Zoe Konstantopoulou from the 1st Primary School of Karditsa.

“We will fight to finally leave the country of “let’s go wherever it goes” and build the country we deserve. We will not do it with the old recipes, nor with those who destroyed us and who today step on the wreckage and rejoice”, he concluded.