The president of the KO of SYRIZA-PS spoke about the very serious issue of “protection and support of public health” in the areas affected by the “biblical disaster of floods”, Socrates Famousduring the visit to the Municipalities of Palamas and Farsala in Thessaly.

In particular, in his statements, Mr. Famellos, after pointing out that today SYRIZA-PS delegations are located throughout Thessaly, “in the regions that have received this huge blow from the biblical catastrophe of the floods”, he emphasized that SYRIZA contributes to a “cry of anguish“, “because a biblical disaster may have preceded the floods, but even today the people here and the self-government are anxious about the next day”. “So we must all contribute – and we contribute with this public request – for the basic problem of supporting and protecting public health“, he said.

He said more specifically that in the Municipality of Palamas “there is a serious issue with the disposal of dead animals, where there is no coordination and effective planning». He also spoke about the very serious issue of water supply in an extensive part of the Municipality, but also about the need for means of protection for citizens for cleaning in both municipalities.

He added that during the visit they saw too much solid waste in the center of Palamas and in Farsala and that the cleanup should be completed.

He also said that there is a lack of work machinery for cleaning even the settlements and that “an extensive plan to make available equipment, especially project machinery, is needed to help municipalities solve the problem».

He said the mayor of Palamas informed him that he has 8,000 rations available to citizens who are currently without food security. “Together with the coverage of accommodation for the homeless and health care, these should be the first measures of the State”, noted Mr. Famellos. “In other words, we need the restoration of health infrastructure and basic social functioning. So, management and collection of solid waste, dead animals, and basic health and welfare care, especially for vulnerable social groups, is the first demand“, he underlined.

Mr. Famellos also mentioned that the information they collect from the citizens, the farmers’ bodies and the Local Government “they also raise serious questions about deficits in flood protection, project planning and implementation, as well as about the adequacy of Civil Protection».

Said that “in both of these matters there are serious responsibilities for delay».

He pointed out that “there is a big issue, that of the economy the next day, but we have to start from today and today there are very big survival needs”, to finally note that “it is important to contribute to a cry of distress so that this biblical disaster does not continued. Let’s all intervene to help the citizens and the region today».