An ambiguous contest between Efi Ahtsioglou and Stefanos Kasselakis for the presidency of SYRIZA shows a poll by Metron Analysis on behalf of Mega.

In the entire sample, which also includes the voters of the other parties, Efi Ahtsioglou has a clear lead with 35% against Stefanos Kasselakis’ 19% and Euclid Tsakalotos’ 12%, followed by Nikos Pappas with 4% and Stefanos Tzoumakas with 3 %. When we go to SYRIZA voters, things are different. Efi Ahtsioglou leads again with 41%, but Stefanos Kasselakis has 35%, followed by Nikos Pappas with 8%, Euclides Tsakalotos with 7% and Stefanos Tzoumakas with 1%.

And when we go to those who are going to participate in the electoral process in SYRIZA, it is Stefanos Kasselakis who leads with 39%, followed by Efi Ahtsioglou with 31%, Euclid Tsakalotos with 13%, Stefanos Tzoumakas with 3% and Nikos Pappas with 3%.

Because it is possible that there will be a second round, the investigation also asks a related question about a second round with the participation of Ahtsioglou and Kasselakis. Again the percentages shift as we move towards the internal party potential that will participate in the vote.

Among all respondents in a potential round, 52% would prefer Efi Ahtsioglou against 26% who would prefer Stefanos Kasselakis. Among SYRIZA voters, Efi Ahtsioglou would be preferred in the second round by 52% and 39% by Stefanos Kasselakis. However, when we look at those who are certain/probable to participate in the internal party election process, then we have a marginal lead of Stefanos Kasselakis with 45% against Efi Ahtsioglou who gathers 44% of the preferences.