“We have left behind the introversion and disappointment, after the recent election result,” said Efi Ahtsioglou in her speech at her central political event in Athens and added: “SYRIZA-P.S. it is no longer the defeated party of the election. Is the party coming back strong, renewed and united, to express the great progressive faction, the modern Left, and above all the demand of the Greek society for a life it deserves”.

He stated, at the same time, that “today, here we are people with different ideological starting points, experiences and routes. But we are united by a common goal for a society of equality, justice, humanity, democracy and freedom. We are also united by a deep understanding of what politics is. Politics that emphasizes content rather than slogans, which can be both radical and realistic at the same time.” Continuing he emphasized that “the Mitsotakis policy must be defeated” and he explained: “There is a downward spiral unfolding in front of us, literal and moral, with the responsibility of the ND government. In this descent it is our responsibility and duty to raise a rampart, to put up a barrier.”


Mrs. Ahtsioglou referred to four strategies for SYRIZA-PS. fields:

– We propose a state that will intervene for the benefit of the social majority, a “general” state that will design and implement policies to serve social needs, such as public health, public education and social protection.

– To seriously discuss the change of the country’s development and production model, we cannot continue with the monoculture of tourism. Let’s talk about strengthening the primary sector, industry, digital technologies, this strengthening requires the involvement of thousands of small and medium enterprises.

– Work ahead. Working in Greece should mean decent wages, collective labor agreements, uniform rights for workers.

– Political, individual and social rights are not luxuries. It is a prerequisite for any political change. A man who is afraid, who lives under a regime of extreme insecurity, is not a free man who can claim. Room for progress exists only where people feel free and claim.


He also argued that “it does not mean that a popular party cannot be found everywhere, where politics is produced in Greek society, that is, in the workplaces, in the chambers, in the professional associations, in the unions, in the local government, in the neighborhoods. We are and will be with the many and for the many. To express their anxieties and give perspective. We are a government party and for that we seek the maximum possible social, ideological and political influence”.

Concluding her speech, Mrs. Ahtsioglou said that “this is our invitation to Greek society: To believe that our most beautiful days are not behind us. It is in front of us. But they won’t come alone. They will come because we will claim them. They will come because we will win them. And this is my commitment. On September 17th we take the case into our own hands. Our case. Our own life.”