Almeida: “We respect Olympiakos, but we want to repeat what we did last year”


Her intention AEK to set her own pace in the derby with Olympic clarified the Matias Almeida.

In the established statements in Cosmote TVthe Argentine emphasized that he wants to see a “Union” that will show, as always, the ID card her in the match.

So he emphasized that respects the opponent, but at the same time he emphasized that his own team wants to repeat last year’s successes.

What Almeida said in detail

On whether the break in the league helped the team mentally: “I believe that the team is mentally well, especially if we take into account the last game. Certainly, we were able to work more with the children who did not go to the national teams. But now we have a lot of appetite to start our obligations both in the league and in Europe”.

On which AEK would like to see against Olympiakos: “The one we’re used to seeing. A team that shows its identity in its game always, respecting all opponents. Trying, however, to get a positive result”.

On what mistakes he should avoid against Olympiakos, in relation to some mistakes he made in the games before the break: “If we focus on mistakes, we will see that mistakes exist in all games. As I usually say, many times a mistake can make the ball hit the post and score a goal. But if after a mistake the ball hits the post and goes out, no one talks about the mistake. We are constantly correcting our mistakes. It’s the only way to improve a group.”

On his opinion about Olympiakos: “We respect them, like all teams. It is a team with history both in Greece and in Europe. What we want is to repeat what we did last year.”

What kind of derby is he waiting for: “Personally, I say derbies are the celebration of football. And I hope the celebration in this case concerns the home team! We will try, we will look for it. My intention in derbies is for the footballers to enjoy it, to have fun because we know that there are few derbies”.

Source: Sport Fm

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