The double upgrade of the Greek economy, in the rank Ba1 with stable outlook from Moody`s rating agencycommented the finance minister, Kostis Hatzidakisspeaking of “rewarding” our economic policy.

More specifically, he wrote on the X platform: “Greece’s credit upgrade by two notches by Moody’s is not just another reward for the government’s fiscal and overall economic policy. It is mainly a proof that the government must remain true to a policy of fiscal severity. A policy which, despite the difficulties, will continue to be committed to the goals that have been set and to the achievement of the corresponding primary surpluses.

We have achieved a lot in the economy in the last four years. We are judged every day and there is no reason to let the progress that has been made go to waste. Steadily, we will continue to combine social sensitivity with financial responsibility.”

In its announcement, the house explained that the two-notch upgrade reflects its view that the Greek economy, public finances, institutions and banking system are undergoing deep structural change, which will support continued substantial improvement in creditworthiness and resilience indicators. to future potential shocks.

The government’s parliamentary majority following the June elections provides a high degree of political and policy certainty for the next four years, reinforcing the continued implementation of past reforms and the planning of further structural reforms, which support Moody’s expectations for further economic and financial aid.

The stable outlook on the rating reflects positive trends, weighed down by structural challenges, which could weigh on Greece’s credit profile more than Moody’s currently expects, including the low, though growing, investment rate, the large deficit in the current account balance and the still high public debt as well as the fiscal challenges of population aging and climate change.