Panaitolikos-Panathinaikos: The task of the “clover”, for the home team to overcome!


The return to… action, after the forced, first for this year, interruption due to the national teams finds him Panetolico to welcome him Panathinaikos tonight (16/9 – 20:30,, News Bulletin 247, COSMOTE SPORT 1)in the framework of 4th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League.

The “greens” want to reach one more “three points”, before entering a period of continuous and quite demanding competitions, within a short period of time, both in Greece and in Europe.

In order to do 3×3 at the same time to verify the good image they are used to showing with Ivan Jovanovic on their bench after similar league breaks.

Everyone in the “camp” of Panathinaikos knows the great importance that a possible “double” will have, in terms of points, but also from a psychological point of view, in view of the difficult continuation.

So, based on all of the above, the “clover” will try primarily to get the victory, ideally “cleaning” the game in the capital of Aetoloakarnania and as possible… easily and quicklyfor there to be similar management from Jovanovic’s side with… Villarreal as a background!

With the exception of him unprepared Jedvai and the injured Vaiannidisno other problems are faced by the Serbian coach, who will hardly make many changes to the basic formation, as he did in the two previous matches in the league…

In the mission of Panathinaikos are the Brignoli, Lodingin, Xenopoulos, Huancar, Ruben, Senkefeld, Zeka, Ioannidis, Sporar, Bernard, Palmer – Brown, Cerin, Mancini, Aitor, Magnuson, Mladenovic, Kotsiras, Geremegev, Djuricic, Palacios, Vilena, Arau and Verbic.

On the other hand, Mr A pan-eater firstly he needs to improve his image if he wants to get a positive result tonight. Obviously, he is also betting a lot on the good history with his current opponent, whom he makes difficult… traditionally.

Just last year, after all, it took a goal from Ioannidis in the 78th minute to losewhile in the past years the “canaries” counted two consecutive victories in their field!

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The two consecutive draws, with PAS Ioannina and Panserraikos they have left a bittersweet taste, as the team “owes” – just like Panathinaikos, after all – the premiership game against rival AEK and would like to have a better scoring harvest…

THE Gabriel Shurer he will have at his disposal Mario Economouwho had missed the first two games of the season, but overcame the injury that plagued him and is counted on for the game with the “greens”.

On the other hand, the injured man was left out of the mission Mladen and Graterolwhile the former Panathinaikos football player will not play in today’s match either, Haris Mavrias.

Kapino, Oikonomou, Karelis, Huanpi, Hatzitheodoridis, Fr. Duarte, Bouzoukis, Voilis, Dias, Xenitidis, Torrejon, B. Duarte, Sengelia, Stergiaki, Peres, Tsingara, Pedro, Mali, Liava, Baldasara.

The possible lineups:

Panaitolikos (Gabriel Shurer): Kapino, Oikonomou, Malis, Duarte, Hatzitheodoridis, Tsingaras, Baldasara, Peres, Torrehon, Dias, Karelis.

Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic): Brignoli, Kotsiras, Senkefeld, Magnusson, Huancar, Ruben, Villena, Bernard, Palacios, Sporar, Mancini.

Referee: Tsagarakis (Chania).

Assistants: Petropoulos (Arkadia), Siniorakis (Chania).

4th referee: Tsimenteridis (Kozanis).

VAR: Manouchos (Argolidas).

AVAR: Nikolaidis (of Macedonia).

Source: Sport Fm

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