PASOK-KINAL commented on the Prime Minister’s announcements at the TIF through the party’s press office. “He appeared tonight in front of the citizens unprepared to present solutions for the victims of Thessaly and pretending to be the “modernizer” who received scorched earth… from himself”, says the PASOK comment, while noting: “… A unified and comprehensive reconstruction plan, which the government is unable to produce.”

Speaking of verbal fireworks, he claims that Mr. Mitsotakis set out to convince that the time has come for major reforms.

“Let us remind him that he has been prime minister for five years, a period during which the 2024 increases for employees and pensioners have already been distributed due to punctuality and the country is a champion in tax evasion due to his own sloppiness”, emphasized PASOK-KINAL in its comment .

He also underlines that the prime minister is “lashing out” against the “Hercules” program that the New Democracy government instituted, at a time when thousands of borrowers are under the threat of auctions, and concludes:

“There is no more fig leaf for the failure of the ‘staff’ state and ‘multidimensional’ decoupling”.