“At a time when accuracy is galloping, when the working-people’s income is being plundered and when an integrated design of modern infrastructure is required for the needs and protection of the people, Mr. Mitsotakis comes cynically to invoke “natural” disasters in order, on the one hand, to it imposes new taxes, burdens and tributes on the people and on the other hand it creates new fields of profit for capital. The government “basket” of the TIF finally had benefits, but only for the business groups”, emphasizes the KKE in its announcement about the speech of Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the TIF and then points out:

“This is exactly what is being done with the further commercialization of health, water and forests, under the guise of ‘the contribution of the private sector to their protection.’ This is done with the new tax raid on the self-employed, under the pretext of “fighting tax evasion”, while big capital legally evades and is tax-exempt.

“This is also done with the launch of compulsory property insurance that imposes new taxes on ordinary households and sends them as “customers” to the ravens of the insurance companies, under the pretext of “the collective response to natural disasters”. Essentially, in this way the state not only abdicates its responsibilities for the protection of the people, but invites them to pay for the broken ones from above, if in the end it drowns or burns due to a conscious criminal policy of the governments, the EU and the local principles that sacrifice popular needs on the altar of “cost-benefit”. It is about the depiction of all the brutality of today’s capitalist road of development and the rotten state that in the debris, mud and destruction of the people is looking for new markets, investment opportunities and more profits. This is the real enemy and not “nature that attacks”, as Mr. Mitsotakis defiantly said.

“At the same time the government is setting new blackmails, asking the people to choose between the crumbs of the market pass and compensations for the affected, distorting the real content of the solidarity that the workers and the people are expressing all these days. A solidarity that goes hand in hand with the claim to pay the capital with the huge profits and the EU with the different funds, which the business groups bone, to deal with the losses, but also for the urgent relief measures from the precision and the revaluations.

Ultimately, the great disasters of floods and fires are turned into an alibi and at the same time an opportunity to accelerate a pre-planned policy of fiscal adjustment, bleeding surpluses, reactive restructuring and exploitation intensity, as shown by the anti-labor bill – an extreme that has been brought by the government to vote in Parliament. These are, after all, the criteria for the “upgrading of the Greek economy”, confirming that obtaining the infamous investment grade will not have any positive impact for the people. On the contrary, a new round of burdens from the coming recession in the EU and the Eurozone is foreshadowed and they are already preparing the ground in this direction” adds the announcement of the KKE and underlines concluding:

“It must mean an upheaval, for universal compensation for those affected, for modern infrastructures to protect life, the environment and the people’s property, for measures to relieve the exaction, for substantial increases in wages and pensions, for the abolition of anti-popular taxes and gratuities, with first major stop in the strike battle for the withdrawal of the anti-labor monstrosity of the government.

It’s literally a fight for life!”