With an announcement by Central Electoral Committee of SYRIZA-PS for the internal party elections, it clarifies who has the right to participate in the repeat presidential election process on Sunday.

According to the KEFE announcement: “In the elections of September 24, 2023, only those who voted on September 17, 2023, as well as the members of SYRIZA – PS who for whatever reason could not vote on September 17, 2023, can vote. Old members those who have registered in the SYRIZA PS until September 17, 2023 are considered. The list of those who had already registered for the elections of September 17 applies abroad.

Next, the KEFE clarifies: “New members cannot register, nor can they vote on September 24. The members of SYRIZA-PS who did not vote in the elections should send their details for approval by Wednesday 09-20-2023 at 18:00. After they are checked and found to be old members, they will be added to the electoral roll.

The sending email is [email protected] and the following information will be sent to it:

1. First name

2. Patronym

3. Year of Birth

4. Email

5. Mobile Phone


1. Special Election Number