THE Minister of Citizen Protection, Yiannis Oikonomouattended on Monday morning (18/09) the graduation ceremony of the 22 police officers who completed the 24th Basic Training School and will staff the Special Repressive Anti-Terrorist Unit (E.K.A.M.).

Mr. Economou mentioned, among other things, in his greeting:

“It is a special and great day, both for the men who will staff E.K.AM. as well as the Unit itself, with all that it offers to the Homeland.

The elite section of her special forces Hellenic Police he always declares “present”, wherever he is asked and required, in the most adverse conditions, most difficult situations, most demanding situations.

It is no coincidence that by many, inside and outside the bays of the Greek Police, he is called “the jewel of the Corps”. We are proud of today. with the inclusion of new executives in the most combative unit.

Training is the best resource for the officers of the Unit to cope with difficult conditions, with courage, determination, self-sacrifice and faith in duty in any unforeseen situation.

The men of EKAM know that their country is grateful for their contribution, the State honors and recognizes their work, the self-sacrifice they show in the particularly difficult mission they are called to carry out.”

The graduation ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Kostas Katsafadosthe General Secretary of Public Order, Mr. Manos Logothetisthe Chief of the Greek Police Lt. Gen Lazaros Mavropoulosthe Adjutant General George Douvalis as well as Corps Officers.