“The first round of the SYRIZA elections was a big event, it was the first major anti-government mobilization against the new Mitsotakis government,” SYRIZA executive Giorgos Tsipras told SKAI, adding that “he wanted the people to send a message.”

He noted that the people who came to the intra-party polls were of all ages, while regarding the victory of Stefanos Kasselakis he said: “It was a continuation of the phenomenon we saw in the elections. Anyone who doesn’t see it is blind. We didn’t just lose, we collapsed. There was an uproar, an anger of the world.”

He added that the continuation of this phenomenon is what we are seeing now with Stefanos Kasselakis, who can express what the people want.

Asked if SYRIZA will continue united, he replied that the party can be united, SYRIZA operates democratically, has structures and executives, and based on the new proposals it can change.

This is what the people want, that’s why they voted for Mr. Kasselakis, he said.

Regarding Ahtsioglou’s statement after Sunday’s result, he emphasized that there should be more caution and that the world has a criterion.

“This entire situation shows something, we cannot pretend that nothing is happening, the people want another party, and other persons, but above all another party. SYRIZA needs to become what it was again, on a much better basis, with other characteristics.”

Regarding Mr. Kasselakis, he said “his heart wants SYRIZA to become something else, it wants to claim power again. He has ability.”

When asked if Mr. Kasselakis has positions, he replied that “SYRIZA generally has positions as a party, and Stefanos accepts them, but many things must change, society must express itself.”

When asked about Mr. Kasselakis’ statement about the “teething” of the institutions, Mr. Tsipras commented: “No one said to remove the institutions, but there is a problem with justice and a lot needs to change, nobody is satisfied.”

And he continued: “Let’s not bag everything. Problems exist, a lot must change in the joints of power, to satisfy the needs of the world. During my term I had the opportunity to talk to people who were abroad. I don’t want to tell you what they were saying about things that happen in the country and we pretend that nothing is happening.”

“It is not the way of speaking that is a little aggressive, there is a big problem in the country that needs interventions” he added.

When asked if he is missing Alexis Tsipras he answered: “Alexis is not missing at all, he is no longer the leader, at least for the foreseeable future, he is present, this is not a demobilization, and I hope he will play more of a role in the future. I think it is certain that Stefanos Kasselakis will ask for his help.”

Mr. Tsipras also said that it would be much better if Mr. Kassalekis was an MP, but he added that this is not a criterion.

“Mr. Kasselakis can give other answers to the world. The party will go in two directions, towards a more militant opposition and to embrace more people, what we say politically towards the center”.

Finally, answering a related question, Mr. Tsipras said: “SYRIZA had shops and has shops, we all know each other, many of those who support Efi Ahtsioglou belong to these shops”.