Have a debate with Stefanos Kasselakis asked the candidate for the leadership of SYRIZA, Efi Ahtsioglou from the Secretaries of the party.

“I asked the Secretaries of the party to hold a debate with Mr. Kasselakis. I asked the secretaries to ask Mr. Kasselakis and we will see. I am absolutely open to when the debate should take place, after all, I asked for it,” said Mrs. Ahtsioglou, speaking on Tuesday morning to ANT1 on the show “Good Morning Greece”.

Mrs. Ahtsioglou was also mentioned in the great participation of citizens in the elections saying that “the huge turnout that exceeded expectations at the polls for the first round of elections is extremely important. There is already a lot of indignation about the government’s policy and this was expressed by the participation in the polls of the members of SYRIZA which sent a message of unity”.

Regarding the meeting in the Parliament, on Tuesday morning, between Stefanos Kasselakis and Nikos Pappas, who came third in the first round, the candidate President of SYRIZA, who on Sunday will duel with Stefanos Kasselakis for the succession of Alexis Tsipras, said that “I contacted my three fellow candidates to thank them for the fight they gave”.

Commenting on them first round results, Efi Ahtsioglou reported that “An obvious desire for renewal that existed in the members of SYRIZA and the citizens was shaped by the presence of Stefanos Kasselakis. It is rightly pointed out that it bears evidence of a fresh presence and has had an increased social media campaign. I think that at this moment we should insist a little more on the content of politics, discuss political issues more deeply, what his own candidacy contributes and what mine contributes”.

“Slogans in politics are important, they complete a request, but they must be specialized and have a political content, let’s say what we want to do. We can’t stick to slogans. My co-candidate says we will change everything. What does he mean; For example, in foreign affairs, with Turkey, what position will it have? What will change in terms of our political position? In terms of work? As for private universities? I have expressed my political positions on the economy, work, foreign policy. I am not in a position to know or appreciate why he does not do it either, but in the phase we are in, a few days before the elections, it must be done”, stressed Mrs. Ahtsioglou.