Stefanos Kasselakis appeared in his first statement as president of SYRIZA, unifying and willing to “correct” his confusion regarding the Cyprus issue. He stated that he honors Efi Ahtsioglou and noted that among partners the first is first and the second is first, while he announced that his first trip in his new capacity will be to Cyprus.

In particular, Mr. Kasselakis said:

“Today light has won and hope collectively becomes the future. My thoughts today are with the victims of Thessaly who have gone through difficulties and have another difficulty ahead of them and I hope that the state apparatus is ready.
I thank the 150,000 SYRIZA members who voted and showed that SYRIZA is here and will win again. I thank the volunteers of my campaign, the volunteers of the electorate. To thank the 30 members of the Central Committee who gave me the opportunity and the executives who chose to stand with me, next to the light.
I wholeheartedly thank Nikos Pappa.
The last thank you is for my family.
To thank my own family, Tyler.
I contacted Efi Ahtsioglou who congratulated me and I gave her my congratulations too, I appreciate her a lot and I look forward to her cooperation to make SYRIZA great and change the country.
We are here thanks to the Greek society and I tell you “I will never betray you”
Tomorrow the hard work starts and remember comrades the first is first, but the second is also first.
My first visit will be to Cyprus”

Mr. Kasselakis arrived at the offices of SYRIZA, in Koumoundourou at 12 o’clock in the evening, clearly in good spirits, where a crowd of voters were waiting for him to congratulate him with applause, cheers, and slogans.