The parliamentary initiatives of PASOK-Movement for Change, under the new data arising from the nomination of Stefanou Kasselakis in the leadership of SYRIZA were discussed at the closed meeting of the party’s Executive Committee chaired by him Nikos Androulakisin the afternoon at the Parliament.

According to information “a common place of the placements in K.O. was that SYRIZA, which was defeated as a government and as an opposition, is here, same, just in a different wrapper”, as typically said.

According to the same information, the president of PASOK and the members of parliament co-created a road map for the next two months with interventions in Parliament and society. It will focus on the issues of health, the increased cost of living, agriculture and the rehabilitation of areas affected by fires and floods.

Regarding these, in the next period there will be a set of proposals, with political actions, as it is important for PASOK highlighting the government’s failure and its inability to provide solutions to society’s problems, the deputies of PASOK-KINAL appreciated.

Next week there will be a new debate with the MPs.