The candidate for regional governor of Attica, George Ioakeimidis today, Wednesday, he had a meeting in the Parliament with the new president of SYRIZA-PS Stefanos Kasselakis. The head of the KO of SYRIZA, Sokratis Famellos, also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Giorgos Ioakeimidis presented to St. Kasselakis the basic elements of his program. Mr. Ioakeimidis emphasized the need to renew the infrastructure of Attica, as well as to deal with the waste problem, which he described as a “ticking time bomb”. “First the studies and then the infrastructures, first we study and then we build, that’s how I learned as an engineer”, said Giorgos Ioakeimidis.

For his part, Stefanos Kasselakis pointed out that there is no comparison between Giorgos Ioakeimidis and Nikos Hardalias. He added that “Yorgos Ioakeimidis has sweated in the Self-Government, giving a writing sample”. Mr. Kasselakis underlined: “Attica deserves to have Giorgos Ioakeimidis as regional governor.