About an indescribable situation that the residents of Volos are experiencing after the new blow from yet another bad weather spoke to ERT the mayor of the city, Achilleas Beos, saying there is immense sadness as the rain continues and homes and businesses are flooded again.

“Lives were endangered. The world is in danger. Human life comes first” he declared clearly shocked by what he and his fellow citizens are experiencing.

“Even I remained trapped. 80% of the city remains without power. Water creates a problem. The conductors are gone. The world cannot work” he said on the show “Connections” describing the dramatic situation caused by the bad weather Elias in Volos.

Speaking about the efforts of the municipal authority to clean streams and wells and remove portable materials, he stated that they are continuous, stressing however that the operators of the machines are tired after 20 days of continuous work.

“We are talking about millions of water and mud. God had so much water,” said the mayor of Volos, who is criticized for the insufficient flood protection measures.

All of Volos became a lake

Describing the dramatic situation, he said that the water has no outlet and the fact that the city has no electricity means that pumps are not working.

“Drilling has stopped, pipes have been cut,” Mr. Beoss said, adding that he did not have an update on the city’s water quality after the new disaster.

And as he pointed out, the disaster is worse than the previous one, describing it as “noah’s destruction”. He mentioned that “all of Volos became a lake”. Saying that the situation is very difficult, he characterized this phenomenon as unprecedented and added that “you cannot collect as much water as is coming”.