Volos was “impressively unlucky”, in the sense that “again we had a very extensive weather phenomenon, said the Minister of State, Makis Voridis, speaking to SKAI.

“Although there is no complete record of the volume of water, the first measurements speak of water that was larger than ‘Ianos’, slightly less than ‘Daniel.’ And, absolutely focused, over Volos,” he said.

In any case, “the minister, Vassilis Kikilias, is there, the people who are fighting to bring things back to normal are there.” On the other hand, he continued, the fact that it had been damaged recently did not allow all the restoration works to be done. These works, which could have been done since the previous passage of bad weather, have been assured.

Especially for Rovies, on the occasion of a previous intervention at the station of the mayor of the region, the minister said that based on the first picture he has, “flood protection has progressed and that water has passed, but not that we have any very big disaster”.

As for the next day, he emphasized that, based on the scientists’ recommendation, “there should be a presentation of the anti-flood projects that we need to plan”. And at another point in the interview, “the big debate is that of anti-flood protection, civil protection in general. There is no previous civil protection program in Greece, which has committed 1.8 billion and which is ongoing”.

He noted that “you are absolutely not alone when you have made thousands of rescues, when amounts have already been put in for household goods […] The State is there in crises, the State is the one that gives 6,600 to households, the State is the one that will give hundreds of millions for businesses and agricultural production, the State is the one that does all this.”

On another issue, that of punctuality, he said that “the government is moving in two directions: the first is to increase income and this is a measure to deal with punctuality. The second is that it is trying to control and contain prices, and a series of measures have been taken for this.”

There cannot be some… trick and deal with an imported precision, which is happening all over Europe, M. Voridis also observed and added saying that the cost of production is imported precision even in domestic agricultural products. Specializing, in fact, he continued: “We have an increase in production costs because we have an increase mainly in energy costs, an increase in the cost of fertilizers, an increase in the cost of animal feed, an increase in the cost of plant protection products. We have real accuracy and it is a given that this affects the price.” He reiterated, in conclusion, the two government directions: increasing incomes and controlling speculation – strengthening competition. “There is no other possibility here,” he concluded.

Asked about the new leader of SYRIZA, he commented that “Stefanos Kasselakis is the right leader for the Left […] he is the one they chose, he is the one they will live with.” From then on, according to M. Voridis, “Mr. Kasselakis is the result and product of a collapse, such a collapse, which leads to the election of Kasselakis”.

Focusing on the first writing samples of St. Kasselakis, remarked that “here we only see an image. What he invests in is his choice. It is not possible to deal with the big issues and big problems of society in terms of image. I’m not saying that image doesn’t play a role in our time.”

In addition, “the collapse of the Left led not only to Tsipras leaving, but also to all the executives of SYRIZA being blamed for the defeat. Mr. Kasselakis defeated three first-class SYRIZA ministers, crushed them. This happened because in the consciousness of the people who voted, these people are indebted to the political bankruptcy and the failure of the SYRIZA project.” But, he argued, “everyone’s analysis suffers, they don’t want to accept something that is deep and identity, and the most crucial. That it is a strategic defeat of the ideas of the Left”, he closed his report.

Closing with the confrontation, on Wednesday, in the Parliament, between himself and the president of PASOK – Movement for Change for the Authority to Ensure the Privacy of Communications, the Minister of State spoke, in particular, of “four institutional blunders by Androulakis yesterday”. Specifically, “even if he knows the recommendation of the president – which is normally confidential – is this also a decision of the Authority?”, he asked.

Transferring the approach of Nikos Androulakis that they are changing the composition of the Authority because it is going to impose a fine of 100,000 euros, he replied: “I don’t know either the proposal or what the Authority will decide or the fine. I am changing a composition, in which the term of its members has expired a year ago. Never change her? And I am not changing it, but the Parliament with a 3/5 majority. Mr. Androulakis doesn’t like that either,” he added.

Finally, regarding the question of wiretapping, he pointed out that “the competent authorities (must) find out what happened in the wiretapping, we have told justice to act in all directions”.