“A few days ago, Mr. Mitsotakis and members of his Government were photographed smiling at the Volos City Hall with Mayor Achilleas Beo. Today we see Mr. Beo committing acts of violence against citizens and behaving in an unacceptable manner with fists, insults and throwing water.

In fact, at the time when Volos was flooded for the second time, the water remains unsuitable in many areas, houses have been without electricity for days and the road network has suffered enormous damage”, says the press representative of PASOK – Movement for Change Thanasis in a statement Glavinas.

“Next Sunday the citizens of Volos will be invited to choose the Mayor of the city. New Democracy, the Prime Minister and its executives cannot continue to hide behind underground anointings and alleged non-support, while everyone knows who is New Democracy’s chosen one in the region. Let them frame the happy photos with Mr. Beo from the Volos City Hall. These are their awards”, comments Mr. Glavinas.