Kyriakos Mitsotakis proceeded in a mini review of the first 100 days after the renewal of the popular mandate in his government.

In an interview with Alpha’s main bulletin, the prime minister said that “it’s 100 days that seemed like 1,000 to me” and added:

“The positive developments of the summer were not few with the investment grade and the improvement of the economy, but they were overshadowed by the disasters. Let’s set the bar of expectations higher, especially on the subject of the climate crisis”.

“I completely understand the feelings of the society. It is understandable that there would be frustration and a demand for the government to do more. The positive developments of the summer are lost when everything is overshadowed by the events of the moment and lives and property are destroyed. I share the same sentiments, a need to run faster,” said the prime minister in an interview with Alpha.

“I share the general feeling of sadness and outrage in the affected areas. No one disputes the severity of natural phenomena,” he continued.

Mr. Mitsotakis spoke about the need to develop a comprehensive strategy for adapting to the effects of climate change.

Asked if the mistakes are personalised, he answered as follows: “I understand the need to show the need and say it’s his fault. Certainly in the issues of the climate crisis I do not personify the responsibilities for the weaknesses. Ministers need time to show their work. Its purpose and role is coordinating and its main reason to implement the “Aegis” program. The Minister of Civil Protection will primarily be judged by this.”

The Prime Minister added that the Minister of Civil Protection was not replaced. “No such issue was raised and is not raised,” he said.

Regarding the self-governing elections, he said that the goal for ND is to win as many regions as possible, “why not all 13 and why not all three large municipalities”.

Mr. Mitsotakis explained that it is important that regional governors can support development programs. “They are persons we believe can fulfill this role,” he said, adding that no other anointings were given beyond the districts and the three municipalities.

Regarding the candidacy of Mr. Agorastos in Thessaly, Mr. Mitsotakis stated that “he was and remains a very good regional governor”. The prime minister stated that what was done by the judiciary was very reasonable, but he has no complaints from the cooperation he had with him. “These will be evaluated by justice. But many works were done after Janos. Some were implemented by the government,” he said and showed a related photo of a bridge that survived. “I completely understand the despair of the citizens. We can make them and they will last. We did not solve the flood prevention problem of Thessaly. But we can build infrastructure projects with other infrastructures, with greater speed. In Thessaly, an independent water management body will have the first say,” he added.