Obviously and dthere was no care of the previous governments on the issue of OAKA, he emphasized to SKAI and on the show Today o Makis Voridis. “Has been chronic omission for the maintenance of these facilities – and not only these. The government is being summoned today, which is the only one that has taken care of this issue,” noted the Minister of State.

As Mr. Voridis mentioned “in 2021 sums were pledged. It is the only government that has committed amounts, 57 million euros for OAKA. The study process has begun. The study was announced, the competition, a big competition, international, because the sums were large. The competition in its first phase was barren. The exhibition is the first, in 2020, as far as I know and what I have read in the media, the word “statically dangerous” doesn’t say it. “Problems from dangerous static” are two different things. It’s one thing entirely different to have a report or a conclusion or a report that says “you know there are things here that we need to take care of” and quite another to have a report or one that tells you “I have a static problem here.”

“The one who says that people shouldn’t go inside is the one who calls it “statically dangerous”. This happened the day before yesterday, in 2023, which closes (the OAKA). On the previous Friday or Thursday, the study referring to the risk of static is delivered. With what is mentioned, the risk of static (the OAKA) is closed” said the Minister of State.

“Out of place and time, Kasselaki’s placements”

Regarding the positions of the president of SYRIZA Stefanou Kasselakis from Thessaly for the non-existence of a state, the minister characterized them as out of place and time “for the simple reason that the state apparatus under extreme natural phenomena, unrepeatable and unprecedented, has made thousands of rescues. “The “non-existent state that no one can see”… There have been thousands of responses, endless damages have been done to PPC. The state exists, and it came to heal wounds that came from a great natural disaster. Mr. Kasselakis made a statement that nullifies the presence and contribution of the state. The state is present. In the mind of Kasselakis, the state is absent.”

The state, said Mr. Voridis, is not an employee to clean the mud inside the house, the meaning of the presence of the state is that it gives the 6,600 euros in a very fast and automated way so that the person who is in the mud can clean the house, and if he needs to get new furniture to be able to rebuild it, this is the presence of the state.

“No one claims that under a real difficulty and unprecedented phenomena which create great pressure on the mechanism we will come out to celebrate “how nice things are”. Obviously there are significant difficulties… From saying this, to saying “the state does not exist anywhere”, this nihilism, at the moment when there is experience of the people about the presence of the entire state apparatus, has a distance” he commented.

Municipal elections and Beos

“We have given support to 13 regional governors and three mayors and this is the goal (victory),” noted Makis Voridis.

Asked whether the government supports the mayor of Volos Achillea Beo, the minister jokingly replied that “we support him just as much as SYRIZA, but just the same”.