“They with the mud, me with my work” writes in her post on Facebook the Deputy Minister of Health, Irini Agapidaki, on the occasion, as she says, of “cannibalism”, “threats”, “obscene sexism” and the “slanders” he has suffered, with the latest incident being the reactions to the flu vaccination circular.

Ms. Agapidaki writes on Facebook:

“Since 2019 when I took over the Special Secretariat for the Protection of Unaccompanied Minors, I have suffered unimaginable disgrace: officials of the official opposition wrote that I am an employee of Soros.

When the relocation program to other Member States was implemented, trolls on twitter wrote that I was trafficking unaccompanied people, following the line of the Massacre that had me in the headlines for weeks. This conspiracy theory was adopted and propagated by the far right and the left (a coincidence that continues to this day in every attack I receive).

When I took over as General Secretary of Public Health, and was subsequently included on the New Democracy State ballot, the trope changed: I was no longer a Soros employee, but a Novartis stooge. My character assassination became a multi-page tribute, to then move on to the floods in Thessaly, where while I was fighting to inform the citizens and ensure their access to safe and proper water, I also had to deal with sexism, the right obscene, in which not a single female politician was found to articulate a conversation.

And of course, we just got to the fact that I’ve been paid for the flu shots and I don’t know what else.

As Special Secretary for the Protection of Unaccompanied Minors, I created a comprehensive age assessment framework and removed adults from institutions (yes, we found those).

I took the children out of the detention centers, the practice of keeping them in cells stopped by law because we had no place to house them, I created new places in suitable accommodation structures and in the end we got a protection system that works to this day, with rules and essential care .

As Secretary General of Public Health, I created the first population-based breast cancer prevention program, which has so far saved more than 15,000 women – an entire city.

As Deputy Minister of Health, I have already put Phase B of the Reform of the Personal Doctor on track, the reform of the PHY with a system that will not wait for the citizen to go to the doctor, but sends the doctor to the citizen, while at the same time strengthening the role of EODY so that it can also function as “Political Protection of Health”, as we did recently in Thessaly.

So I answer once and for all, to anyone who thinks that I will be bent by cannibalism, threats, obscene sexism and slander: I will stand here, standing, as long as my legs can stand and I will fight for every citizen and especially the poorest to have , the care he needs for his health. Because I have lived in my skin what it means to be in need, I know what it is like to be all alone in need and to have no one to turn to for help.

Each with his weapons, then: they with the mud and I with my work.

PS When some (even from within her own party) attacked Ms. Ahtsioglu with sexism because she looked tired in a video, I was one of the first to defend her. I will always do the same, for every woman regardless of the party she belongs to, because I have principles. On the contrary, I am subjected to obscene sexism, there is not a single woman from SYRIZA to speak a word.

We said: each and his weapons. Some, however, have principles and something else, too popular to explain: besa. Yes, women have it too.”