THE Deputy Minister of Sports, Yiannis Vroutsisresponded to Stefanos Kasselakis, on the issue of OAKA, underlining that the president of SYRIZA is trying to make a cheap opposition with fake news and that New Democracy is the only government that is upgrading the Olympic Facilities of Kalogreza.

“The president of the official opposition party is falsifying and distorting reality!”, the Deputy Minister of Sports said in his response, adding: “With fake news, he is trying to make a cheap opposition to the only Government that went ahead with an overall and organized plan to shine again OAKA. The Government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is the one that in the last two years secured 57 million euros from the Recovery Fund for its holistic upgrade.

The necessary files were drawn up, the complete energy upgrade, the regeneration of the surrounding area, the Sustainability Study and the unique – and for the first time – an extensive inspection study of the five Calatrava metal structures were completed.

This Study, delivered a few days ago, immediately led the Deputy Minister of Sports, Yannis Vroutsis, to suspend the operation of the Central Stadium and the Cycle track, with a sense of responsibility and primary concern for the safety of athletes, athletes, fans and workers. As it is applied, strictly now, for every sports infrastructure in our country.

Therefore, instead of Mr. Kasselakis trying in vain to criticize the Government, let him ask his party about their responsibilities, to find out that during the years of SYRIZA government, none of them dealt with OAKA!

They did not allocate a single euro for its maintenance! On the contrary, they also “froze” the guaranteed 8 million euros of 2014, for any necessary interventions.

Abyssal cowardice and hypocrisy Mr. Kasselakis… “.

Earlier its president SYRIZA had “attacked” the government for OAKA, posting on social media:

“The day that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Kostas Karamanlis, receives an official study on serious static problems of the Calatrava roof, which “need immediate treatment”, as ANT1 revealed today.

What did Karamanlis, a minister by profession, do? Everything in Tempe: Nothing! And just as the railway routes continued, so did the operation of OAKA.

– All the Greek teams passed through the stadium.

– All of Panathinaikos’ home international games were played there.

– The country’s most crowded concerts took place there.

– Tens of thousands of people gathered under the unstable canopy for three whole years at a time.

A terrifying combination: A minister Karamanlis who hid the studies and a prime minister Mitsotakis who has lost the manual of the country. The Greece we want must immediately get rid of the unconscious shareholders of decadent family political businesses.”