We need a European immigration policy. We need the Pact and we need it now”, underlined the vice-president of the Commission, Margaritis Schinas, speaking at the Plenary of the European Parliament, in Strasbourg, and pointed out that “Europe is watching us. History is watching us.”

As he pointed out, “if we fail, then we will feed the false claims of the enemies of democracy, Russian disinformation, that Europe is incapable of managing immigration. We must now create a common European immigration and asylum system.” He also noted that the EU is close to “completing” this plan and a system “that addresses all our difficulties, all our problems. With fast procedures at the border for recognition of asylum or return. With mandatory solidarity, assistance to member states under pressure, obligation of member states to contribute, according to their abilities and needs. With a strengthened system of returns, for those not entitled to be under our umbrella of protection and mutually beneficial immigration partnerships with countries of origin, transit and destination, to combat traffickers who bring death to our seas and to develop safe legal roads to Europe”.

Finally, he referred to “Talent Partnerships”, a legal framework which is expected in November and aims to “align our vacancies in our labor markets with the available supply and know-how from countries of origin”. As he said, next week he will go to Mauritania and Gambia as part of the 10-point plan presented by the Commission president in Lampedusa, according to which Mr. Schinas negotiates with African countries of origin and transit.