“Citizens’ trust in science must not be undermined. Medicine is practiced according to protocols and you cannot say that the doctors of the National Health Service do actions that led to the death of patients” replied the Deputy Minister of Health Irini Agapidakis commenting on relevant reports made by the parliamentary representative of the “Spartans” Yiannis Conti during the debate on the bill to strengthen public health in the Plenary.

Mrs. Agapidaki emphasized that “our country’s management and response to the pandemic has been evaluated by the WHO and according to the report which is open and accessible, 70% of the people who died in the pandemic were unvaccinated and over 65 years. 81.5% were unvaccinated over the age of 80”.

The deputy minister underlined that “if all the parties had joined in the vaccination effort, we would have had much fewer deaths”. “And it is a shame to have loss of life for petty party gains. This is a shame” he said and asked to “stop fishing in the shallows”.

Ms. Agapidaki stated that “for no other vaccine have we ever had such a high vaccination rate so we had strong scientific evidence” and asked “if there is even one organization that said we should not do the vaccine.”

Earlier, the parliamentary representative of the “Spartans” Yiannis Kontis had described the bill as “patches”. He claimed that he “does not understand the government’s obsession with covid 19 vaccines” saying that “to date they have not received marketing authorization from the relevant US agencies”. I know, he said, people who “got sick from vaccines” and he estimated that “many of those who were vaccinated will not go to get vaccinated”.