The president of the European Council Charles Michel considers that the Ukraine could to join the European Union by 2030. “Ukraine can be a member of the EU in 2030 if both sides do their part,” Charles Michel said in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel.

He stressed that the EU must “accelerate the decision-making process”, adding that the rapid accession of Ukraine “would also prove that the European Union is capable of geopolitical interventions”.

He clarified, however, that there will be no relaxation of the EU membership criteria neither for Ukraine nor for other candidate countries. In addition to Turkey, candidates for membership are six Western Balkan countries and Moldova. “Ukraine and other candidate countries (for EU membership) must implement reforms, fight corruption and fulfill legal requirements”

The prospect of enlargement is one of the topics that will concern the leaders of the European Political Community during the meeting held tomorrow in Granada, Spain.