They watch in awe in Turkey the launching of the first Greek frigate Belharra. “It is the first frigate bought by Greece after 25 years, it is equipped with state-of-the-art weapon systems, sensors and radars,” the Turkish media reports, as broadcast from Istanbul by Manolis Kostidis.

TGRT HABER’s news bulletin reported: “Greece after 25 long years joins its fleet with a frigate. The French frigate Belharra has already been launched. Greece had signed an agreement for the purchase of three such 4,550 ton frigates. Let’s call them good-natured, but they are unnecessary. Let them not attempt to use it. After receiving 18 Rafale fighters, Greece is now preparing to add a warship to its fleet and this is happening after 25 years. The frigate Belharra ‘Kimon’ was built in France for the Greek Navy.

The ship built by the French Naval was launched in the city of Lorient. The ship has a weight of 4550 tons and the company refrained from giving details about its capabilities. He was content to emphasize that it is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and weapons systems. The frigate will have advanced anti-submarine and anti-aircraft capabilities.”

The “cold” Erdogan appeared

The “cold” Erdogan canceled a speech and his meeting with European leaders in Granada. However, he showed up at his party headquarters.

Analysts speak of political sickness as a reaction in Germany and France.

“Bomb” Fidan for the deposits of Cyprus

“An agreement on the deposits without waiting for the solution of the Cyprus issue” suggests the Turkish Foreign Minister, giving as an example the agreement between Israel and Lebanon.

Fidan said: “What I would like to say on this matter is that waiting for the final solution on the island in order to benefit from the energy resources of the Eastern Mediterranean is obviously not a good situation for both the region and the world. In this matter, our point of view is in the same direction as ‘TRBK’, that is, that it is possible to utilize the energy possibilities that both sides will benefit equally without waiting for a political solution”.

The first topic is Mitsotakis’ statements about Erdogan

“From the ‘Mitsotakis yoke’ we reached the point of ‘the meeting was good in terms of chemistry'” reports the Turkish media.

SOZCU TV reported: “From ‘for me, Mitsotakis no longer exists’, we reached the point of ‘the meeting was good in terms of chemistry’.” I am not saying this, the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis said it. He answered a question and stated that ‘the meeting was also good in terms of personal chemistry’.

CNN TURK reported: “The Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, made statements regarding his recent meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Mitsotakis stated that the meeting was also good in terms of personal chemistry”.

The Turkish media expands the agenda of the Greek-Turkish disputes: “The sovereignty of the islands, the violation of treaties and their militarization must be determined with Greece.”

HABER GLOBAL reported: “Of course, Mitsotakis referred to only one chapter of all the Greek-Turkish problems. He emphasized that we must agree on the delimitation of the continental shelf, but even if we do not achieve this we must not reach the brink of a heated episode. In Turkey’s view, the continental shelf is not the only issue. There are problems waiting to be solved such as the air space, “the violation of the treaties with the militarization of the islands, but also the issue of the islands and islets whose sovereignty was not determined by the treaties”.