Her reaction New Republic prompted his statement of support Stefanou Kasselakis to his candidates SYRIZA in view of the self-governing elections.

More detail:

Mr. Kasselakis, a few hours before the polls open, once again calls on the citizens to vote against the candidates who have the support of the ND in the municipal elections, indicating the choices of SYRIZA and who they should vote for. By re-identifying with these options, any election result is credited or debited. We will discuss the rest after the citizens’ verdict.

The statement of Stefanos Kasselakis

“Greece deserves better”, says the president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis, in the message he posted on social media for the Local Government elections.

In particular, he states: “Self-government directly changes our lives. It is the trunk from which your taxes, your money, are channeled to the periphery, to the world.”

He addresses the voters saying: “You have seen the chain of the blue state from the central government to the regions, to the municipalities. You’ve seen arrogance, mismanagement, you’ve seen slaps. Greece deserves better. It deserves people from society, from work, with new, modern, progressive ideas. SYRIZA-PS has supported many such candidates. Here you will see who we support across the territory: https://bit.ly/48CMZEd”.

In closing, he notes: “But the choice is yours. Choose what life you want. Send a message tomorrow, that Greece is not a country of arrogance, negligence and impunity. And in the second round, we will join forces and support the progressive candidate in any case.”