In four municipalities of the Western Sector of Athens the election of the mayor will be decided in the second round, while for the remaining three municipalities there was a renewal of confidence for the current elected officials.

Next Sunday, citizens will have to go to the polls in order to elect the local rulers in:

Aigaleo, where Lambros Sklavounos, who receives 37.60% of the votes, will compete with the current mayor, Yiannis Gikas, who collects 24.73%

Ilion, in which Nikos Zenetos with 39.92% will claim his re-election against his opponent Andriana Alevizou Koukouvinou with 32.30%.

Petroupoli, whose mayoral seat will be contested by the current mayor Stefanos Vlachos who gathers 36.43% of the votes and the former mayor Vangelis Simos who receives a percentage of 28.76%.

Chaidari, where the mayor Evangelos Diniakos with 31.22% will face either the previous mayor Michalis Selekos who received 27.31% or Aris Panopoulos, who has so far gathered 26.30% of the votes.

The mayors of Peristeri Andreas Pachaturidis with 77.70%, Giorgos Stavros Tsirbas of Agios Anargyron – Kamaterou with 63.03% and Lambros Michos of Agia Varvara with 46.86% secured their re-election from this Sunday.