By Antonis Anzoletou

The “eviction ultimatum” sent by Stefanos Kasselakis in the internal party opposition changed the facts in Koumoundourou. The conflict takes on “survival” characteristics with the two camps slowly opening up their pace, but also their cards. And within this environment, it is possible that there will be developments very soon.

The new president received a “no” response from MPs who supported Efi Ahtsioglou in the elections. They refused to take any area of ​​responsibility.

Only four were unaffected from the heavy climate that prevails and participate in the “shadow” government.

THE Kostas Barkas (head of Citizen Protection), h Malama Sunday (head of Culture), o Simeon Kedikoglou (head of Civil Protection) and last addition o George Psychogios (deputy head of Immigration).

His placement Pavlos Polakis as coordinator of the parliamentary work she was a catalyst.

Stefanos Kasselakis overcame the objections he received and decided to support the Chanioti MP. He owes him, after all, his election to a large extent. It would be impossible o Euclid TsakalotosThe Nasos IliopoulosThe Alexis Haritsis and other leading former ministers to accept to function under his orders.

Didn’t the new president know that? “Obviously”, respond officials from the side of the losers in the recent elections who estimate that the conflict is not out of his plans.

Stefanos Kasselakis “raised the gauntlet” and with his post he not only showed the “dissidents” the exit door, but also wanted to make it clear “who is the boss”. “Whoever undermines the unity of K.O. and the future of SYRIZA – P.S., will not have a place in future ballots of the party”, he wrote on social media and everything caught fire. The left wing and the internal party opposition are “boiling”. Either the president does not know the statute that states that the final approval for the ballots is given by the Central Committee after the proposal of the prefectural committees, or he wishes to break away and clean up the landscape.

“For the removal of Giorgos Katrougalos from the ballots shortly before the elections, Alexis Tsipras made the decision”, reminded executives from his environment with the left wing bloc replying that with what he declares “he is referring to another party”. The landscape from here on out is murky. No one can know what will be the parliamentary behavior of the approximately 10 MPs who did not accept to lead the control of the legislative work produced by the ministries. Will they continue the “white strike” or will they take some steps back with their presence in Parliament?

Everything will depend on the next meetings, although until now no process in Koumoundourou has been clear. The Political Secretariat will meet next Tuesday at the latest, a detail, but it will make a difference.

Stefanos Kasselakis will be in the USA and therefore his presence will be online. This alone is expected to irritate several executives who were waiting somehow for the convening of the body in order to meet face to face with the new president. The criticism that will be leveled at the presence of SYRIZA so far will be harsh, however, from the side of the official opposition leader, they are determined not to give in to the criticism they are receiving.

It is possible that Stefanos Kasselakis’ trip to the other side of the Atlantic will also delay the meeting of the Central Committee, causing new tensions.

Executives from “Umbrella” are still negative about the prospect that the Congress of the party will not take place until the end of another month. Of course, this possibility has now been definitively removed, as the pre-conference dialogue should have already started and the Member Organizations should be preparing for the election of the Conferences.