The Parliamentary Representative of PASOK-Movement for Change, Michalis Katrinis, spoke on the First Program about the dynamics and steady upward progress of PASOK in the second round of self-administered elections

“PASOK on Sunday not only showed that it is strengthening its forces in self-government, but in the critical encounters that Mr. Mitsotakis himself gave the character of a frontal fight and a vote of confidence in the government, its officials managed to have wider support and win. So this victorious PASOK is the strong message that comes out of Sunday’s polls and shows us the way, so that with a lot of work we can rally wider forces around our political space.
When there is a realistic alternative government proposal like that of PASOK, it can be victorious,” he said.

Regarding the issue of progressive collaborations and the “front” towards the government, Michalis Katrinis stated:

“We at PASOK do not underestimate that Mr. Zachariadis from the first moment of the second round in the Athens municipality declared his support for Harry Doukas. This was also one of the reasons that led to wider gatherings and convergences in Sunday’s result. But it was mainly the successful candidacies of Haris Doukas and Dimitris Kouretas in Thessaly, initially proposed by PASOK, that led to support from wider social forces.

At the moment we have PASOK officials in the local government who have managed to prove to the citizens and residents of their areas that they can have a winning alternative proposal. Therefore, against the arrogant government practice, those who stood and looked the government officials and the Prime Minister’s elected officials in the eyes and won them over, are PASOK officials. This discussion has been started by the president of SYRIZA, when he saw that his own officials did not they managed to get the desired results.

So any discussion of the convergence of progressive forces should begin in terms of society and grassroots. It cannot be the result or the product of a deal because some were disaffected or discovered on election night that a progressive front must be made.

We say that this convergence is achieved with new and reliable persons who convince the citizens with their proposal and can be a majority. Haris Doukas is a typical example. With a progressive strategy for Athens and with clear speech, he managed to be victorious in a battle, in which no one from the ruling faction area believed that he would win and even win over their arrogant behavior.

And I say this, because we saw government officials, who were recruited last week, demanding from Greek citizens to vote only for New Democracy elected officials and posing dilemmas, that if their supporters are not elected, there will be difficulty in matters concerning the daily life of citizens”