The annual public sector recruitment planning, which provides for the approval of 16,521 recruitments for the year 2024were presented to the cabinet by the Minister of the Interior Niki Kerameos and the Deputy Minister Vivi Charalambogianni.

Recruitment planning is fully in line with the estimates of the Ministry of the Interior in collaboration with the General Accounting Office of the State in application of the 1:1 rule, i.e. one recruitment for every one departure. It is clarified that the rule of 1:1 is applied as a whole to the entire State and not per sector, which allows to cover, on a priority basis, the special needs observed in the different sectors, as the case may be.

In application of the above and taking into account the priorities set by the Government as well as the requests submitted by the agencies, Ms. Kerameos proposed for the year 2024 the approval of a total of 16,521 recruitments, of which a significant number will be directed to three critical sectors of the state:

Health: The priority is to strengthen the National Health System by implementing, already now, a large part of the pre-election commitment, immediately approving 6,500 positions.

Climate crisis: In the context of dealing with the climate crisis, special emphasis is given

  • to the officers of the Fire Academy (doubling the number of candidates, making use of 700 positions for specialized personnel at the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection – ΕΜΟΡΕ, helicopter operators, engineers, navigators)
  • to meet the needs of agencies based in the affected areas
  • in strengthening branches related to forest protection.
  • Recovery Fund: Covering staffing needs arising from Recovery Fund milestones.

The Minister of the Interior Niki Kerameos stated: “We presented today, before the Council of Ministers, the planning of the Ministry of the Interior to cover 16,521 staff positions in the State for the year 2024. As Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has announced, our main priority is recruitment in the sector of Health, but also in other critical areas of state operation in a targeted and rationalized way, in order to staff the Public Sector with the necessary and competent personnel. Our goal is the continuous improvement of the service to the citizen in and by the effective coverage of his needs.”

Specifically, the number of recruitments per Ministry is distributed as follows:

Ministry of Health: 6,500

Ministry of National Defense: 1,757

Ministry of Justice: 1,260

Ministry of Citizen Protection: 1,160

Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection: 990

Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports: 750

Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport: 388

Ministry of Labor and Social Security: 279

Ministry of Social Cohesion and Family: 208

Ministry of Shipping: 197

Ministry of Culture: 108

Ministry of Rural Development and Food: 107

Ministry of National Economy & Finance: 103

Ministry of Environment & Energy: 91

Ministry of Digital Governance: 80

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 48

Ministry of Development: 21

Ministry of Tourism: 19

Ministry of Immigration and Asylum: 17

Ministry of Interior: 9

The rest of the recruitments are distributed to other bodies such as Decentralized Administrations, First and Second Grade Local Authorities, Independent Authorities, etc.