Harden continues to wear hoodies, does not go to Sixers practices


THE James Harden has long made it clear that he does not wish to remain in Sixershowever for now the situation remains stagnant.

The “musias” made it clear in the summer that he wants to concede to the Clippers by trade, but so far his… wish has not come true, with him lashing out at the front office and the Daryl Moreywhom he called a liar.

Now, the 34-year-old former MVP has decided to… make life difficult for the Philadelphia team in any way he can to push for his own. For this reason, he has disappeared from the club’s obligations, as he is away from the training sessions, in which he has not been “present” since last Sunday (15/10).

Indeed, during training on Wednesday (18/10), he was seen on Houston, the city where he spent his most productive years in the league. The Sixers are expected to demand an explanation for his continued absence from practice.

It remains to be seen if the NBA will actually explode with a trade of the 34-year-old. His performance may have dropped noticeably in recent years, but he remains an ex MVP and 10-time All-Starso any move involving him could be a game-changer in the league…

Source: Sport Fm

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