“After the meeting with the prime minister and in view of my official and written information, I would like to present to the citizens of Thessaly the positions of the Initiative once again, on the most important issue of Thessaly, which is the issue of water,” he says in a statement of the newly elected Regional Governor of Thessaly, Mr. Dimitris Kouretas.

In more detail, he points out the following:

– I consider it necessary to COMBINE the proposals and measures included in the updated ones Water Management Plans (SDLAP) and the corresponding ones Flood Plans (SDKP/Θ), which constitute a “fixed” and indeed INSTITUTIONAL among the various studies and proposals that are piecemeal submitted from time to time.

From the “marriage” of these two Plans, it is possible to create an INTEGRATED package of projects and actions with MULTIPLE objectives, as well as a single “water” masterplan, based on the importance and priority of each project and/or action and not on customer – local criteria as has repeatedly happened. I assume that the proposals of the Dutch company should also proceed in the same context.

Quite briefly I list the objectives of such a design:

a. The shielding of Thessaly from the threats it faces (floods, water reserves against drought).

Absolutely necessary for FLOOD protection is the implementation of new multi-purpose reservoirs (Mouzaki, Pyli, Skopia Farsalon, Elassona, Neohori etc.) and at the same time many smaller projects to stop the flood flows, as proposed by various studies and by the SDKP/TH.

At the same time, these projects are also of great importance for covering irrigation needs, for environmental protection, for the upgrading of ecosystems as well as for the protection of lands from the threat of desertification.

b. The ecological protection and restoration of its affected Ecosystems (water reserves to cover the monstrous accumulated deficit). Therefore, the major issue of STRENGTHENING the water potential of the island of Pinios (Thessaly Region) must be DEFINITIVELY resolved.

c. The creation of conditions for the sustainable productive utilization of its water potential (irrigation, hydroelectric power production, etc.), on the basis of an elaborated plan of directions and development of the agricultural and livestock sector, adapted to the current conditions and needs of Thessaly, which have significantly changed with the recent disaster. In this project I will present in the next few days my collaborators on this subject who are my colleagues from the University of Thessaly and other notable scientists with great experience in the subject.

d. The coverage of social needs (water from surface reservoirs, recreation, tourism, etc.).

2. It would be important for the Prime Minister himself to commit that everything that is provided for in the approved SDKP/T (flood control) and also in the under consultation-approval SDLAAP (water) will be financed and implemented and it will not happen that with the previous ones from the 2014 until today they remained unused in the drawers of ministers and services and regional governors, who did not show the slightest interest in implementing them, even though many of the measures and actions envisaged had secured funding.