In Ioannina, at the thematic event “Education and inequalities”, the last stop of the three-day trek in Epirus on the problems in the field of education, the President of PASOK-Movement for Change spoke on Sunday, Nikos Androulakis.

Referring to the political message of the self-governing elections, Mr. Androulakis pointed out that “PASOK returns as a protagonist. We achieved what was in December 2021 my contract of honor with all of you: To take the faction in our hands together, to have a strong renewal, to present another political model, a modern political ethos, to embrace the anxieties of the Greek people , not to let anyone down and have a modern, progressive program. We achieved it and we are here again united, strong with the aim of sending New Democracy to the opposition in the next national elections. We proved last Sunday that we have the means to defeat New Democracy. And this, of course, is done without big words, step by step action, because we have to work with modesty, with seriousness. Last Sunday, New Democracy suffered its first major defeat.”

“Our struggle for the New Democracy to acquire a reliable and worthy adversary is slowly taking root in every part of our country. I am sure that until the next national elections we will fight with all our strength so that our modern progressive program becomes the country’s governing plan. So, our goal is not, as some say, to be a second party. Our goal is to become a government and send New Democracy into opposition. And we will take all the necessary steps to achieve this, which will make our country turn the page” added Mr. Androulakis.

Regarding the acquisition of investment grade, Mr. Androulakis noted that “In the last few hours, the government presents the acquisition of the investment grade as if it were the result of her own effort alone. It downplays the sacrifices of the Greek people during all these years of economic crisis. But they forget to say who brought us to the financial crisis. And who are those who worked for the country to obtain an investment grade, when Mr. Mitsotakis and the New Democracy undermined the country by leading it to the drachma and bankruptcy. To remember the recent history of PASOK and of New Democracy. It goes a long way, you don’t appeal to lotus eaters. If it wasn’t for PASOK to prevent the bankruptcy in 2010 – to which the Karamanli government led – today the country would not have an investment grade, nor a euro, Mr. Mitsotakis, if the PASOK MPs voted the same as you did in the loan agreement. For us, the investment stage is not the end of the journey that every Greek woman and every Greek man has achieved with sacrifices and efforts. No one can take this success alone, on their own backs. It is the country’s national effort to avoid bankruptcy and to have a new page of development in the future.”

He commented on the Prime Minister’s “warnings” to the multinational groups to deal with profiteering, pointing out: “I have been informing him that they have been profiteering for two years, that he is not listening to our proposals for market controls. He essentially proved that he is a traffic warden of powerful financial interests on the back of the poorest Greek citizen. The reality is not hidden. They have not done market checks. There is not a single fine in supermarkets between July and August. Wasn’t there any profiteering in these two months, Mr. Mitsotakis? You act like you “got it” slowly. You were probably informed by your advisers and the pollsters of Maximus, because from the glass tower you do not understand as a prince the real problems of the Greek people”.

The President of PASOK-Movement of Change presented the party’s proposals for strong public education, so that it can once again become a driver of upward social mobility.


Among other things, he talked about:

  • Increase in public expenditure, so that it gradually reaches the average expenditure of the countries of the European Union.
  • Strengthening the quality in education. Radical modernization and implementation of the 16 quality indicators of the European Union.
  • Remedial teaching programs to cover learning gaps and address inequalities.
  • Utilization of modern digital capabilities. A computer for every student and every teacher and an interactive whiteboard with a computer in every classroom.
  • Support for full-day kindergarten and elementary school with a reformed educational program.
  • Foreign language and Computer certification up to 3rd High School.
  • All-round support of Special Education and its structures for the school of inclusive education.
  • Prioritize Vocational Education and Lifelong learning, with a connection to the modern needs of production. With registration of professions and determination of professional rights.
  • Safe school environment and psychological and social support services to deal with violence in schools.
  • Establishment of a National Baccalaureate according to European standards.
  • Financial support for teachers at all levels of education, but also evaluation of the educational project
  • and the factors that shape it.
  • Outgoing Universities linked to production and local development, with research and innovation funding.

Finally, referring to the next political milestones, the President of PASOK-Movement of Change addressed a call to every democrat, progressive, leftist, centrist, social democrat citizen “to join us, to make the democratic faction the protagonist again. The winning force in the New Democracy of Mr. Mitsotakis. The victorious power against the populists, those who divide. Victory power to those who think that by using the label of progress, we will justify opportunism. Our front is valuable. And just as maintenance does not fit, neither does adventuring. We will not give a lifeline to those who made Mr. Mitsotakis strong. The democratic faction is coming back dynamically, values, politically, ideologically”.