“I don’t want to interpret what Mr. Kasselakis says. He is right, he was elected from the grassroots and that had problems because of the situation. Anyone who wanted, gave 2 euros and voted. He himself was a member of the party for a month and won its presidency,” he said, refusing to comment on Kasselakis’ abhorrence as he has “a fresh mandate from the base of the party.”

Speaking to ANT1, Mr. Filis added:

“The decision given by the people in the municipal elections was fresher. This is not due to Mr. Kasselakis, but he did not overturn it. In other cases, there was no, there was an uplift” and he cited as examples the climate change after the election of Androulakis in PASOK, Tsipras in SYRIZA and Mitsotakis in New Democracy.

“What is stated by Mr. Kasselakis constitutes an extreme form of liberalism”, commented on the public statements of his president and characterized the publication of the “Newspaper of the Editors” as “a great contribution to journalism and society”.

“We didn’t know,” he said regarding what was published in EFSYNnoting that statements by Kasselakis regarding the chapter were made a few days ago and not years ago.

“With what Mr. Kasselakis says, which he supports today and they are not extinguished with the incalculable of youth. And with what he says, he cannot represent a party of the Left,” he said.

Asked if there is a question of a president in SYRIZA, he replied that, “there is a question of what Mr. Kasselakis represents. If he wants to build another party. I’m not here to hand out deletions, I’m here to speak politically.”

And he responded to whether the issue of leadership will be raised at the SYRIZA conference, he replied that “as far as I am concerned, I will raise the issue of leadership. We will raise the issue of the functioning of the party.”

He accused Stefanos Kasselakis that, “He won the leadership of the party without saying what he thinks. Now people hear what they think.”

“We are fighting so that the party does not become a center-right party,” he said in response to why executives who espouse these views remain in the party. “The real competitive question is that SYRIZA does not become the PASOK of 2012. It is going in that direction and Mr. Kasselakis is not stopping this course.”

“Financial interests brought Kasselakis to SYRIZA”

To the question “who brought Kasselakis to SYRIZA?”, he answered that, “typically Tsipras brought him, he put him 7th on the state ballot. He must answer where he found him, because the development in SYRIZA is one of dissolution and humiliation.”

And he continued by saying that, “someone outside SYRIZA and not Tsipras, in my opinion economic factors, have made a choice.

This 4 year they will share money from the Recovery Fund and they want there to be no opposition. In my opinion, K. Kasselakis serves this direction”.

“We, in the consciousness of the party we are fighting for SYRIZA to remain a left-wing party“, he insisted and to the persistent questions about whether the issue of leadership will be raised, he answered that, “it must now be clarified whether SYRIZA is a party of the Left”.

Regarding whether this will be done at the conference that the SYRIZA member himself said that, “constantly postponed”replied that, “much faster than the Congress, the Central Committee can clarify whether Mr. Kasselakis is the president of SYRIZA”.

“None of us undermined SYRIZA, we highlighted it, we supported it, and of course we honored the mandate of the Greek people in this process. What was said about undermining is a crisis syndrome in SYRIZA”, he noted defending the attitude of SYRIZA members and MPs and insisted that “what is happening today in SYRIZA is “dissolution and exhaustion”.

“Tsipras should have already spoken,” stressed Stefanos Kasselakis, referring to what he said about the undermining of Tsipras by Ahtsioglou.

“Two different worlds cannot coexist. I’m not a leader and I don’t want to express some collectivity. Everything that needs to be done, will be done in a collective way”, he noted, accusing the president of SYRIZA that, “he silenced his views, hid them. The question is whether he can represent SYRIZA and things show that he cannot. He will not expel Mitsotakis, Mitsotakis will leave otherwise and we have to find a way.”

Asked if Pappas and Polakis are perceived as “comrades”, he replied that, “the Polaki line in the pandemic was out of line and hurt SYRIZA. Of Apsy Cretikos. Pappa’s broadcasting policy started for good and ended in fiasco.”

He insisted that, “as Kasselakis expresses himself today, he cannot represent SYRIZA».

“We will have an intense discussion in the Central Committee and we will see how we move,” he noted about what is to come.

Finally, you are invited to comment on it Kouloglou’s resignation from the SYRIZA Eurogroup, he said, “I understand him completely”.

Why should he give up the seat?; He was not elected with the Kasselakis party, was elected with SYRIZA“, concluded.