Koumoundourou sources see a plan to create a new party behind the escalation of reactions in recent days against the party and the president, Stefanos Kasselakis.

Sources from SYRIZA specifically stated that “all this escalation of the oppositional attitude of the last few days towards the party and its president Stefanos Kasselakis apparently it is part of the plan, which has already been launched for the creation of a new party”.

They even added that the Dimitris Vitsas in an interview with SKAI today “proposes as the name of the new party: ‘Renewal and Ecological Radical Left'”.

In detail, speaking this morning to SKAI, Mr. Vitsas said: “Some things have matured in my mindin my opinion I have concluded, I will present to the president in the following meetings a series of questions that concern me, I don’t think I will get an answer, and from then on European elections will be held and the ‘Renewal and ecological radical left’ – I gave you the title of what I think the new party should be called – that is, the political formation, don’t have any doubt that if it succeeds and elects one or two MEPs, we will enter another stage”.

Philis: I will raise the issue of leadership

Moreover, today the Nikos Philis launched a fierce attack against Stefanos Kasselakis directly raising the issue of leadership in the party. Commenting on the Kasselakis aversion, Mr. Filis said that he has a “fresh mandate from the base of the party”: “I don’t want to interpret what Mr. Kasselakis says. He is right, he was elected from the grassroots and that had problems because of the situation. Anyone who wanted, gave 2 euros and voted. He himself was a member of the party for a month and won its presidency”

Speaking to ANT1, Mr. Filis added: “With what Mr. Kasselakis says, which he still supports today and is not erased by the unaccountable youth. And with what he says, he cannot represent a party of the Left.” Asked if there is a question of a president in SYRIZA, he replied that “there is a question of what Mr. Kasselakis represents. If he wants to build another party. I’m not here to hand out deletions, I’m here to speak politically.”

And to whether the issue of leadership will be raised at the SYRIZA conference, he replied that “as far as I am concerned, I will raise the issue of leadership. We will raise the issue of the functioning of the party.”

In fact, answering the question of who brought Stefanos Kasselakis to SYRIZA, he answered: “Typically, Tsipras brought him, he put him 7th on the regional ballot. He must answer where he found him, because the development in SYRIZA is one of dissolution and humiliation.” And he went on to say how “someone outside SYRIZA and not Tsipras, in my opinion economic factors, have made a choice.

Answer Polakis

Answering the Pavlos Polakis called on Nikos Fili to either accept the election result or, as he said, “take off your tie and walk”.

In detail, the coordinator of the SYRIZA department heads wrote on Facebook: “Or accept the result of the recent elections in Syriza-PS in which 150,000 people participated and elected Stefanos Kasselakis president. Or “Take off your tie and walk” (the saying from the service of the Sunday of the Paralytic). Stop poisoning the airwaves and SYRIZA with conspiracy theories about unknown economic factors that forced new leadership in SYRIZA due to your distress and political fixation.”

Departure of Kouloglou

Adding fuel to the fire of introversion and disagreements was today’s announcement by MEP Stelios Kouloglou that he is leaving the SYRIZA Eurogroup and becoming independent, directly blaming Stefanos Kasselakis for the situation that has developed in the party.

From Koumoundourou, they called on Mr. Kouloglu to hand over the seat “to the party with which he was elected, however, Mr. Kouloglu responded by speaking to SKAI that the party with which he was elected has nothing to do with today’s SYRIZA.

THE Koumoundourou went on the counterattack saying that o Mr. Kouloglou had also questioned Alexis Tsipras.

“St. Kouloglou has a past of public disputes at critical moments, harmful to the party with which he was elected, as they changed the political agenda to his detriment” noted sources from Koumoundourou and recalled that “in September 2021, in an article he argued that in a possible progressive government of cooperation, Mr. Alexis Tsipras should not be a given as prime minister, coming in direct opposition to the then clear political position of the party, that a progressive government with the body of SYRIZA – PS can be formed, in accordance with the choice of the people, only with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras”.