The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera refers to the news of the upgrade of our country’s credit rating, by one level, to BBB- by Standard & Poor’s, emphasizing that “this improvement is the first since 2013, since the years of the debt crisis that risked leading the country into bankruptcy”.

“The fact that Greece was promoted and upgraded by the international house is not the only positive sign that can make the world talk about a “little Greek miracle”»adds the Milan newspaper because, as it writes, “as far as 2024 is concerned, economic growth for Greece is predicted to be one of the highest in the EU, while the Greek spread, for some time now, is lower than the Italian one”.

The newspaper emphasizes that thanks to this positive evaluation, it will be easier for our country to rely on the markets to cover its needs and that Standard & Poor’s referred to the improvement of the Greek fiscal reality, judging the situation to be “stable”.

“Corriere” reminds, finally, that the “turn” came after three rescue programs and strict austerity programs, while it mentions that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed: “we are determined to implement our reform program, which attracts investments, creates jobs and brings participatory development’.